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Orange VoIP Hosting

Pakage Name : orange-cv-6400

Brand name : intel

Processor : quadcore

Ram : 8 gb

Bandwidth : 25MB Open

HD : 500GB

Rent : 350+core4billing

Core4VoIP Billing
  • Hack free Administrators and resellers interface
  • Run under apache which is secure
  • Faster reports
  • Memory caching enabled
  • Mobile Interface (All Modules)
  • Customization on demand
  • Customs themes
  • Private labeling service
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Welcome to ORANGE VoIP

OrangeVoip is one of the leading IP Telecommunication company which provides fully voip related solutions which compatible with Linux and Windows base Soft switches. OranGeVoip’s dedicated team of Voipswitch experts provides the highest quality Voipswitch service to ensure your Voipswitch communications solution is fast, effective and always available. So far over 165 switches we have implemented around the world. We have our own unique hacker free voip billing which specially designed by our programmer.


OrangeVoip will help you to get right solution whether you want to open your own brand name voip company (Calling Card, Voip termination, Call Shop and PC to Phone etc.)

Why Us
  • Free Technical support
  • On time delivery
  • Fast and reliable service
  • No Grievance