Complet VoIP Provider Setup Pakage

Softswitch, Dialer , Tunneling @ 250$ To Start Your VoIP Business


If anybody is planning about initiating hosted VoIP business then, orangevoip is the right place to make it realistic. orangevoip provides the world class hosted VoIP solutions with the followings:

  • Licensed iTel Switch Plus
  • Licensed Core4Switch
  • Licensed Core4voip Billing
  • Licensed Orangevoip Billing
  • Licensed Core4 Mobile DIaler
  • Licensed Other Dialer
  • Free Net Working Mobile Dialer ( For UAE )
  • Licensed iTel Mobile Dialer
  • Licensed Platinum/Other dialers
  • iTel Byte Saver (free with all the dialer)
  • Dedicated Server with unlimited bandwidth
  • Free PC2Phone Dialer and

Some Of Special Dialer For UAE Free Data

  • TP SMART Dialer
  • Ringer Dialer
  • Mtel Dialer
  • 1Dialer
  • Platinum Dialer
  • Connect Dialer

To facilitate the service more we offer the below packages with the affordable investment:

it’s Our complete voip service provider setup Ready To package for Small Business . any one can take this package and can start their voip call business

iTel Mobile Dialer/TP Smart Dialer/ Platinum Dialer + Byte Saver + iTel Switch

tch Plus+Pc2Phone